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Looking for SJP Marketing Support?

From brand creation to marketing planning and implementation, we can help.

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About the service

Marketing Support exclusively for SJP Practices

We offer flexible and affordable marketing support to St. James’s Place Practices, throughout the UK.

From developing a brand that truly reflects who you are as a business, to initiating this across the entire customer journey, we help elevate you from your competition.

About the service

Services include

Branding Services

Brand Analysis, logo design, brand messaging, brand positioning, brand voice, style guide and social media

Client Journey - Analysis & Recommendation

From your company stationery and welcome pack, to your online platforms, we ensure your brand is incorporated into each interaction with your client.

SJP Website Enhancement

We ensure your SJP website works for you and is consistent with your brand

Client Bank Evaluation & Data Cleanse

Digital marketing requires accurate data and our team will obtain emails and other missing information.

Email Marketing

We get you set-up and have you strategically engaging with your clients.

Marketing Support

A full service offering, we work with practices to deliver strategy, advertising campaigns, photography & video, design work, PR and Social Media Support.

Some of our clients:

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Marketing Support for SJP Practices

Brand Analysis

We start by reviewing your existing branding and asking questions, to establish:

  • Your target client
  • What makes you different
  • Who you are as a business
  • What is your story

Using this information, we use our expertise to produce a vision board to include initial logo ideas, colour chart, typography & imagery.

Across numerous meetings, we then present this to you and your team in a multi-page document, where we discuss your values and unique selling points (USP’s) and work with you, to refine a brand that truly reflects who you are as a business.

Marketing Support for SJP Practices

Client Journey: Analysis & Recommendation

Your clients journey begins from the moment they engage with your brand, whether on social media, in person or by picking up a brochure, and it is vital that your brand is consistent throughout.

Our team will carry out a full analysis of your client journey, evaluating every interaction, such as literature, client portals, website, emails and stationery.

Upon completion, we will provide a detailed analysis report, complete with recommendations of ways to enhance your clients experience at each stage of their journey. We can then help to deliver these recommendations on your behalf.

Marketing Support for SJP Practices

SJP Partner Website Enhancement

The recently updated SJP Partner Websites are in-fact much improved on the previous version, however most Practices have spent little time in adapting them to incorporate their brand.

Using your brand guidelines, our team will:

  • Update all imagery
    • Header images
    • Featured posts
    • Landing pages
    • Meet the team
  • Produce website copy
    • Meet the team bios
    • Blog posts
    • Articles
  • Apply your colour pallete across all areas of the site
  • Personalise home page

Marketing Support for SJP Practices

Client Bank Evaluation & Data Cleanse

In order to effectively market to your clients and implement a digital strategy, your client records must be accurate and contain as many email addresses as possible.

Our friendly team will run a diagnostics report to highlight any missing fields and contact your clients, on your behalf, whilst also obtaining permission to contact for marketing purposes.

During each call we will:

  • Obtain any missing information
  • Ask for permission to send marketing communications
  • Enrol clients on to E-Briefing
  • Ask if they require any assistance from their Adviser
  • Update iBusiness/SalesForce to record client contact

Marketing Support for SJP Practices

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways of maintaining contact with clients and prospects, keeping them updated and staying front of mind.

By utilising the approved email platforms, our in-house Marketing Director will build an Email Marketing strategy and deliver it to your audience, increasing brand awareness, website traffic and social media following.

From Monthly newsletters to product specific communications, we can help with all aspects of email marketing.

Marketing Support for SJP Practices

Marketing Support

You’ve got your brand, now it’s time to showcase it to your target audience and our in-house Marketing Director and her team, will work with you to achieve this.

From applying it to a whole range of materials, including livery, branded merchandise, signage and more to developing detailed and structured ongoing marketing plans, our job is to ensure that the right people come to know of your brand, like who you are and trust you.

Marketing Support

Ongoing Marketing Planning

We will establish your marketing objectives for the next 12 months and create a marketing plan to deliver against all of these objectives.

With your brand defined we can assist your Practice to ensure regular interaction with your clients, whether that’s by email, by inviting them to a webinar, or through social media. As well as incorporating an annual client survey and regular testimonial gathering.

Marketing Support

Quarterly Themes

We will structure our marketing content into themes, and each quarter we will follow this theme through all your chosen marketing channels.

These themes could focus on a particular client group like Intergenerational families or Business Owners, and cover topics that a front of mind for these clients.

Marketing Support

Trusted Experts

We can source and manage for you through trusted experts any other marketing requirements including; signage, vehicle livery, branded merchandise, literature design and printing.

We can also arrange photography and videography production.

Marketing Support

Business Club

You identify Professionals in your network that you want to collaborate with and we can facilitate this for you.

A great group could include a Solicitor, Estate Agent, Accountant, Will Writer and a Specialist Insurance Broker, you may have other specific targets. We can facilitate regular online meetings where you can share knowledge about everyone’s areas of expertise. We can generate ask the expert content and offer joint webinars that all parties can share to their client groups.

Marketing Support

Monthly Marketing Meeting

Our Marketing and Social Media Directors will meet you monthly for a Marketing update


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