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About The Service

Looking for SJP Cashflow Modelling support?

Want to stand out from the crowd and impress your clients with Cashflow Modelling at their next review? We’re here to help.

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About the Service

Cashflow Modelling Support, exclusively for SJP Practices

Cashflow modelling is quickly becoming an essential tool in a financial advisers’ arsenal.

It allows you to cut through the noise of often complex solutions and helps bring your advice to life.

Some of our clients:

About the service

What is Cashflow Modelling?


Cashflow Modelling is the process of assessing a client’s current and forecasted wealth, by using analytical and forecasting software.

It is much more than an enhanced income and expenditure forecast, as it brings the potential future into the present, allowing clients to see the impact a decision taken today could have on their goals.

Quite simply, Cashflow Modelling helps bring your advice to life.

About the service

Why use Cashflow Modelling for your clients?

Financial Cashflow Modelling has quickly become an essential part of the advice process and the differentiator for many Financial Advisers, allowing clients to understand the impact expert advice is making to their lives.

Cashflow Modelling

How can we help?

We can support you and your practice with Cashflow Modelling, by creating bespoke reports for your clients on your behalf.

Whether you have prior experience or have never utilised Cashflow Modelling before, we are here to help.

We can:

  • Build your cashflow and talk you through it, ensuring you are well prepared when discussing with clients.
  • Provide printable reports or interactive models to support your client conversations
  • Run a number of scenarios to show the impact of different planning options
  • Update these each year as part of your review, providing further value and cementing your relationship

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Case Study

Partner Insights

Case Study

Viewing your future through the window of Cashflow 

Steven Payne, Director of SP Wealth Planning, Senior Partner Practice of St.James’s Place Wealth Management, is certainly not a man to rest on his laurels.  Having achieved Chartered status, as well as the Fellowship – the highest level of qualification in the Financial Services industry, and built up his business to 600 clients, he is always looking for ways […]

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What SJP Partners say about our Cashflow Modelling Service

Athena Watson

Noula Wealth Consultancy Limited

Using this certainly brings your clients’ milestone plans to life, which helps you illustrate various scenarios and their outcomes, so that your client can see if their plans are feasible.

The feedback and analysis provided by John are invaluable, and the financial plans provided go deeper into your clients’ financial circumstances, making scenarios and dreams come to life.

I would definitely look to use this service again, and highly recommend Plus Group.

About The Service

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cashflow Modelling?

Why should I use your Cashflow Modelling Service?

How much do you charge for your Cashflow Modelling Service?

What Cashflow Modelling software do you use?

Do I need to have my own licence?

In what format will I receive the cashflow scenarios?

How do I get a licence for the relevant software if I want to have the option to present live with my clients?

What if I need help to understand the illustrations?

Am I able to charge my clients for these reports?

How do I request a cashflow model for my clients?

How long does the process take?

What information do I need to provide?

What happens at the annual review?

Can I give you access to my clients?


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