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Searching for Paraplanner jobs?

We regularly recruit both employed and self-employed Paraplanners to our paraplanning team.

Current Vacancies

About Plus Group

Paraplanning Support exclusively for SJP Practices

If you crave flexibility, uncapped earnings and the ability to
work from home, one of our paraplanning jobs could be right for
The demand for our services is showing no signs of slowing and
we have a number of remote paraplanner jobs on offer.
If you’re a talented Paraplanner, please get in touch with our
team today to learn more about our vacancies.

About Plus Group

Why you should take your next step with Plus Group

Work from Wherever

We all work remotely, so work from where suits you!

Freedom to Choose

We give you the freedom to pick your case types and volumes.

Flexible Working

As long as you can meet your turnaround times and SLAs, you can work the hours that work for you.

Case Volumes

We have a large number of Advisers who use our Paraplanning service, so you will never be short of work.

Training and Support

We have a large number of Advisers who use our Paraplanning service, so you will never be short of work.

A Great Team

Your fellow Paraplanners are happy to provide provide guidance and support when needed.

Meet a Paraplanner

Erin Fidler

Want to find out first-hand what it's like to work in our Paraplanning Team? Meet the lovely Erin, one of our employed Paraplanners and find out what she has to say about working for Plus Group.

Current Vacancies

Why work with Plus Group


We know the importance of the infamous work/ life balance, which is why we like to offer that additional level of flexibility, so you can work around your lifestyle and commitments.

As a self-employed Paraplanner, provided you can meet our turnaround times and SLAs, you would have the freedom to pick and choose your own hours. We’re flexible, forward-thinking, and trusting. We’ll give you the freedom to tailor your work day around your lifestyle, so whether you’re an early bird or love your lie-ins, you won’t have to stick to a schedule that doesn’t suit you.

Flexibility is a big reason our Paraplanners choose to work with us, a lot of them have children, or other commitments to work around, or need to work slightly less conventional hours.

Why work with Plus Group

Work from Home

Whether you’re in London, Manchester, Leeds or Glasgow, you
won’t have to sell your home and move across the country to
become a Plus Group Paraplanner.

All our Paraplanner jobs are fully remote, so you can work from
home or from anywhere that suits you.

If you love to travel, becoming a Plus Group Paraplanner could help
you explore your favourite places without having to stick to the
standard six weeks’ holiday a year.

Why work with Plus Group

Training and Support

We won’t just throw you in at the deep end. We offer ongoing
training and support to help you adapt and take your skills to
the next level.

Don’t worry if you’re new to working from home either, our
team are experts at this and can help you adapt to a remote

If you hate standing still and you love to learn, becoming a
Paraplanner with PlusGroup could be the next step for you.

Why work with Plus Group

No Shortage of Work

Our team of Paraplanners have an excellent relationship with SJP
Partners and Advisers, meaning they’re never short of work.

We currently have a long waiting list of Financial Advisers looking
for experienced Paraplanners to offer technical support and

Want to join Plus as a self-employed paraplanner?

See what you could earn

Why work with Plus Group

What Would a Typical Day Look Like?

If you’re looking for a remote paraplanner job where no two days are
the same, Plus Group can offer you the diversity you need.

Typical daily tasks include:

  • Writing Suitability Reports
  • Completing illustrations
  • Ensuring all necessary supporting documentation is completed
    Working with Advisers and Admin team to identify and obtain
    missing info
  • Ensuring information from ceding schemes is on file
  • Making sure cases are compliant
  • Making sure Advisers are kept up to date with the progress of
  • Work autonomously, managing own workloads and completing
    work within the agreed timescales

Meet a Self-Employed Paraplanner

James Heptinstall

Hear from James about what it’s like to work as one of Plus Group’s self-employed Paraplanners.

Current Vacancies

Why our Team love it at Plus Group

Tim Martin, Self Employed Paraplanner

Freedom, flexibility, and large pipeline of cases allowing you to pick as much work as you wish.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Being non SJP experienced, will it take me longer to get up and running?

What qualifications and experience do I need to become a Plus Group Paraplanner?

What can I expect my earnings to be?

Do you help with IT set up/costs?

What happens after I submit my application to you?

Can I work from abroad?

Our Awards & Nominations

To learn more about our home based Paraplanner jobs, please get in touch with our team today

Current Vacancies
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