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Look no further: We regularly recruit both employed and self-employed Paraplanners to our paraplanning team.

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About Plus Group

Paraplanning support exclusively for SJP Practices

Looking for a job with maximum flexibility, unlimited earning potential and the convenience of working anywhere in the world? Then look no further!

With demand only increasing, we have several remote paraplanner jobs available that might be the perfect fit for you. If you’re a talented Paraplanner, please get in touch with our team to learn more about our open vacancies today.

Work from anywhere

We are 100% remote, so you work from wherever you please!

Freedom to choose

We give you the freedom to pick your case types and volumes.

Flexible working

As long as you can meet your turnaround times and SLAs, you work the hours that work best for you.

Large case volumes

We have a large number of advisers who use our Paraplanning service, so you will never be short of work.

Training and support

We offer extensive training and support so you can carry out all your work with the utmost confidence.

Incredible people

Our team are only too happy to provide you with guidance and support whenever needed.

why join us

The smart way to work and earn more

The majority of our Paraplanners work on a self-employed basis, enjoying the flexibility and freedom of choosing where they work, the hours they work, and the number of cases they pick up. 

If you are looking for a new paraplanning role and are interested in knowing your potential earnings with Plus Group, try out our calculator below to see if this is the career move for you. 

Training & Support

Unrivalled training & support

At Plus Group, we understand for us to win, you must win, so we don’t just throw you in at the deep end. We offer comprehensive ongoing training and support to help you adapt and take both your confidence and skills to the next level.

Our team have all the processes in place to ensure a seamless transition with regular check-ins over Zoom to ensure you are supported fully in your role. 

If you hate standing still and you love to learn, becoming a

Paraplanner with Plus Group might just be your dream role. 

With our training and support, you will be able to:

  • Write suitability reports
  • Complete illustrations
  • Ensure information from ceding schemes is on file
  • Thrive in your career
  • Making sure all cases are SJP compliant
Typical day

What will your typical day look like?

If you’re looking for a remote paraplanner job where no two days are the same, Plus Group offers all the diversity you need.

Daily tasks include
  • Writing Suitability Reports
  • Completing illustrations
  • Ensuring all necessary supporting documentation is completed
  • Working with Advisers and the Admin team to identify and obtain missing info
  • Ensuring information from ceding schemes is on file
  • Making sure cases are compliant
  • Making sure Advisers are kept up to date with the progress of cases
  • Work autonomously, managing own workloads, and
  • Completing work within the agreed timescales.

Meet a Paraplanner: Erin Findler!

Want to find out first-hand what it’s like to work in our Paraplanning Team? Meet the lovely Erin, one of our employed Paraplanners and find out what she has to say about working for Plus Group.

Happy team

Why our team love it at Plus Group

“Work from home, reputable company, good support network from colleagues and SJP, relaxed management where your trusted to be a professional and get on with work rather than micromanaged.”

Erin Fidler

Self-employed Paraplanner

“A great team to work with and I’m never short  of cases!”

Claire Delamere

Self-employed Paraplanner

“The flexibility to largely choose my ow hours works really well with having a young family.”

Claire Ritson

Self-employed Paraplanner

“Cases sent all day to see what’s available. Friendly, kind atmosphere. Excellent support in compliance to bring me up to a better level of work.”

Danielle Edwards

Self-employed Paraplanner

“I enjoy the flexibility of working around my children. There is a lot of support available if needed from other Paraplanners and the trainers at PLUS. Although we work from home, I still feel like I’m part of a team

Nicky Georgeson

Self-employed Paraplanner

Meet a self-employed Paraplanner: James Heptinstall

Hear from James about what it’s like to work as one of Plus Group’s self-employed Paraplanners.

Become a Plus Group Paraplanner

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Become a Plus team member

Our 2023 intake is now open to all SJP Experienced Paraplanners

We say no to long, drawn out interview processes

In fact, we can very quickly tell if we’re a good fit for each other.

Apply using the form

Tell us about yourself and upload your CV. A member of our team will get back to you within 48 hours.

We will arrange a video call

These are very informal, allowing us to learn about you, your experience and establish if we’re a good fit.

We let you know how you did

And if we will be progressing your application, before a final call with our Quality Team and test.

Frequently asked questions

Being non SJP experienced, will it take me longer to get up and running?
It will take you a little longer, as you need to get the hang of the way SJP do things. Don’t worry though, this is why we provide you with a designated trainer and point of contact. They will take you through all the training and then work with you on your cases, until you get the hang of things.
What can I expect my earnings to be?

This would depend whether you join us on an employed or self-employed basis. Our self-employed team members work on a fee split per case. For our employed team members, salary is dependent on experience. Our team can talk this through with you in more detail.

What happens after I submit my application to you?

Good question! Once we receive your application, this will be reviewed by our Management Team. We will then get in touch with you, within 2 working days, to confirm whether your application will proceed to the next stage. If this is the case, we will arrange to have an informal chat with you, via Teams/Zoom, so both parties can see if they are the right fit for each other. Then we’ll either let you know our decision within a couple of days or arrange a second chat if necessary.

What qualifications and experience do I need to become a Plus Group Paraplanner?

Ideally, we would like you to be Diploma qualified and have at least a few years’ experience working as a Paraplanner in the UK.

Do you help with IT set up/costs?

Yes, we do. It’s really important your IT set up meets both ours and SJPs requirements, which is why we cover the costs of set up, encryption and ongoing support from our IT Team.

If you were to join us on an employed basis, we provide you with any equipment you require and help you get set up.

Can I work from abroad?

The short answer is yes. Residing abroad as an SJP Paraplanner can be tricky, but we do have members of the team who continue to work whilst on holiday or travelling. We’d be happy to discuss this in more detail with you.

Meet your dream team

Paraplanners, Chasers, and more.

Lauren Chapman


Lauren Chapman

Lauren Chapman



I am Diploma qualified and SJP accredited, and have been with SJP since 2017. I live in Shropshire with my husband and two little boys.


I love to bake, love eating out and having family days out with my boys.


Rainy days, bad manners, not having enough sleep (sadly impossible when you have kids!)



John Whitehead

Specialist Cashflow Manager

John Whitehead

John Whitehead

Specialist Cashflow Manager

Joined since 2010


I am Plus’s Specialist Cashflow Manager. My role is to build bespoke financial and lifestyle illustrations to highlight the planning strategy of Partners and Advisers and the impact for clients. Demonstrating that good planning can serve to help ensure your future aspirational lifestyle choices can be achieved. I have been with Plus since early 2020, but have been building Cashflow Models for much longer.


I am Manchester born and bred, although I have lived in both the Isle of Man and Jersey. I live with my wife Maria, who I have been with over 33 years now, my daughter Jade and son Ethan. I am also a grandad to two granddaughters, with another on the way. Not forgetting the three cats! When John does get some time to himself, he likes to make things out of wood and play badminton.

Jonathan Maskell

Head of Chasing Team

Jonathan Maskell

Jonathan Maskell

Head of Chasing Team


I joined Plus Group as an Apprentice in 2014 and am now head of the Chasing Team. I undertake a variety of duties, including making sure daily tasks are allocated across the team, and stepping in when any of the team need any help, guidance, or if they just want a chat!

I live in Liverpool with my girlfriend Kerry and outside of work, I enjoy baking and watching sports. I also have an obsession with Food Network on Sky, and like to pick up tips on how to become a better home cook!

Phil Collard


Phil Collard

Phil Collard



I have been in financial services since 1993, performing a number of roles to include the provision of advice to individual and corporate clients, heading up the training division of a medium-sized IFA practice, compliance director of a start-up IFA practice, paraplanner and compliance consultancy. I live in the South West with my wife, two teenage boys and a border-collie called Fyfe.


I enjoy spending time with my family, whether that is watching films or going for walks. I also take part in endurance sports to include cycling, swimming, running and triathlons (up to and including Ironman distance). I also have a passion for motorsports having competed myself for many years and won a national-championship title.rly.


As a cyclist, my biggest bugbear is headwinds - other than that, I'm fairly easy-going and can't say that there is much I dislike (except mushrooms!)