The Paraplanning Case Management App that helps Capstone Financial gain better communication with their clients and within their own team

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Capstone Financial are one of Fluid’s earliest users, having joined Plus Group’s Paraplanners in a demo of an earlier version of the software back in 2019 and being swiftly onboarded afterwards.

Project Details

“It wasn’t long before we signed up – it was a very quick decision for us” cites Dan. 

With a team of 33 staff – including 11 Advisers and 5 Paraplanners – Capstone Financial wanted to better organise their Financial Advisers’ cases. 

Here’s what they wanted from a Paraplanning task management solution:

  • Everything in one place.
  • A complete overview of everything going on in the Paraplanning department. 
  • The ability to see what stage every case is at.
  • Task management.

And Fluid has delivered exactly that, with Capstone Financial now presiding as one of the longest users of Fluid, outside of Plus Group’s own Paraplanners. 


You’ve probably been in or are currently in Capstone Financial’s shoes yourself:

Managing your cases via Excel spreadsheets.

It’s tedious, isn’t it?

Capstone Financial thought so.

They spent far too many hours each week trying to manually track where each case was at and log it in a spreadsheet.

It involved too much chasing of information from different members of staff, and too many hours spent staring at a spreadsheet when that time could’ve been better used elsewhere in the business.

But with Fluid, everyone involved in a case can instantly log what’s been completed, what’s due, and when, with everyone on the team having access to all information about a case.

And that’s not the only problem Fluid solved!

Capstone Financial struggled with the time and logistics involved with chasing information from third-party providers.

But Fluid enabled them to set timeframes for each step, therefore giving them far more structure when chasing external information.

Provider contact details are available at your fingertips, and as soon as a staff member has received information or is notified of something that’s missing, they update the case.

And with automatic notifications turned on, everyone involved in the case is immediately in the know!


Capstone now have an improved business and better outcomes for clients.

How so?

Previously, it was very difficult to gauge how long it took to get a case from opening to closing.

Relying on Excel spreadsheets and multiple methods of communication between different members of their team and third-party providers meant that there was no simple way of measuring how long various stages of the advice process took.

But that’s all changed with Fluid.

Now they can pull physical reports at the click of a button to see what their average case times are.

Every stage of a case is logged and date-stamped from start to finish, so it’s crystal clear to see where any hold-ups are likely to occur.

Capstone Financial communicate this information with their Financial Advisers, who in turn inform their clients.

So, by communicating the average length of time a client’s type of case takes to complete, the client’s expectations are better managed.

Reassured clients and a clearer understanding of your business:

It’s truly a win-win situation!

Capstone Financial gained better communication not just between them and their clients, but also within their own team.

Fluid allows Practices to invite their Admin staff into Fluid, which means Administrators can simply log into Fluid to quickly understand where a case is at or leave an update.

Whereas in previous years, Capstone Financial’s Administrators spent a considerable amount of time phoning the team’s Paraplanners to chase information.

So by using Fluid, Capstone Financial’s staff have less stress and interruptions, with more focus time to spend on important tasks.


“It’s hard to pick a favourite feature as we use everything within Fluid.  But if pushed, we think that seeing how many cases you’ve got at a glance is especially useful. And the fact you can filter cases by name or Adviser is a quick win! We also appreciate being able to gauge how busy each Paraplanner is.”

Dan Healey, Managing Director

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