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About The Service

Looking for SJP Client Servicing support?

Whether you look after a small or large number of clients, our holistic client servicing strategy is here to help.

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About the Service

Client Servicing Support, exclusively for SJP Practices

Our comprehensive solution was developed based on the guidance provided by SJP, and more specifically the 4 D’s:

  1. Design
  2. Disclose
  3. Deliver
  4. Demonstrate

Some of our clients:

Step 1.


By utilising cutting edge software, you are able to easily design your entire client servicing solution, with custom menus, review dates and communication strategies.

Upon completion, you are provided with 4 key document sets, including:

  • Segmentation & Service Offering
  • Proposed On-going Service Schedule Summary
  • Client Statements
  • Client Business Sale & Purchase
  • Highlighted Vulnerable Clients
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Step 2.

iBusiness/Salesforce Update

In order to effectively manage and implement your Client Servicing Strategy, your client records must be accurate and up to date, whilst also reflecting the new strategy we have created.

We will update each client record to contain:

  • Individual segmentation (AAA, AA or A)
  • Review months (Jan-Dec)
  • All communications (Investor Magazines, Birthday Cards, Christmas Cards, Tax Focus Cards etc)
  • Highlight those clients marked as vulnerable

Step 3.


Once we have designed your Client Servicing Strategy and updated your client records, it is important that you inform your clients of the ongoing service they can expect to receive from you.

Upon completion of the Client Servicing Strategy, we will write out to your clients via iBusiness/Salesforce ensuring we track all correspondence.

This letter will contain a copy of their Proposed On-going Service Schedule, Client Servicing Charter and a Client Servicing Questionnaire with a pre-paid envelope.

Upon receipt of a completed questionnaire, we will attach a copy to iBusiness/Salesforce and update the clients records accordingly.

Step 4.


At this point, we now have a detailed Client Servicing Strategy in place and your client records have been updated to reflect this plan. We will now ensure all promised activity is completed in a tracked and recorded manner on a daily basis.

We will:

  • Manage client reviews

  • Write out to all clients to offer them a review 1 month prior

  • Deal with in-bound client calls and confirm appointments

  • Call clients who do not respond to initial review offer letter (2 call attempts made)

  • Manage post review actions

  • Complete your post review meeting letters and send to clients

Record all daily activity:

Your Client Servicing Manager will contact you to update iBusiness with any client contact you may have had throughout the day.

Client communications:

Your client Servicing Manager will ensure that all agreed communications will be sent out to clients in a timely manner, these include:

  • Birthday Cards

  • Christmas Cards

  • Investor Magazine

  • Tax Focus Card

  • Budget Reports

  • Product Brochures

  • Tax Year End Campaign

  • Questionnaires

Suggest Client Servicing Ideas:

Each month, SJP Marketing produce a number of initiatives that Partners can send to their clients. Our team constantly monitoring the Intranet and will suggest to you any ideas that may be useful for you and your clients and action accordingly.

Step 5.


Your clients are now receiving regular and consistent Client Servicing from your practice.

They are being offered reviews both verbally and in writing and they will receive numerous communications through-out the year.

As their Financial Adviser, you can communicate with them at various points throughout the years, both via telephone, video call and face to face

All of the above is fantastic for client relations, however in the eyes of your Risk Manager and the FCA, it is worthless if you are unable to clearly demonstrate that this activity took place.

As your Client Servicing Team, our job is to ensure that all activity and communication is tracked and recorded in iBusiness/Salesforce. Every item we send is listed against each client record and your Account Manager will be in regular contact to ensure no communication is left off.

We will:

  • Update each client record to reflect your agreed Servicing Strategy
  • Send all client letters via iBusiness
  • Update client records with ALL contact
  • Contact you daily (or at your request) to update client records with any contact you may have made

Step 6.


As your grow and your client numbers increase, our team will work with you to apply a Servicing Strategy for each new client, ensuring a seamless integration to your existing client bank.

As client needs and circumstances change, we will update your records accordingly

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About The Service

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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