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The next steps

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Our first hand experience of working within established St. James’s Place Practices, has allowed us to develop solutions aimed at making life easier for our clients, and we are extremely passionate about what we do.

As business owners, we are delighted that our team can provide genuine, professional support, where our combined skills and expertise can be leveraged to deliver quality in-demand services, which ultimately leads to the best outcome for clients we work with.

Everything you need to know to get started

SJP Paraplanning support

Document handover
  • We require handover documents to be completed. They can be found via the link below (click to download): www.plusgroup.org/our-resourcesFor Replacement cases we will also need a signed LoA so we can gather the information for you. If you need a template for your LoA you can find one here.If you already have some information, please also forward this to us.
Your point of contact
  • All new cases are handled by Sue McFarlane, who will be your initial point of contact until your case is allocated to a Paraplanner

    Please grant Sue McFarlane access to your client on iBusiness (P30672).

    Sue will confirm the name of your Paraplanner so that you can contact them directly, should you wish to discuss any aspect of your case.

Sending over a case
  • Once you have completed the handover, have the signed LoA or have plan information on file and granted Sue access please email this to Sue.Mcfarlane@sjpp.co.uk.

    Sue will confirm receipt of the case and let you know who will be looking after this for you. If you have provided any LoAs these will be sent off straight away.

Cashflow Modelling Support

your point of contact
  • All new cases are handled by John Whitehead, he will be your point of contact.Email: John.Whitehead@sjpp.co.uk

    Please grant John Whitehead access to your client on iBusiness (P58815).

Ready to send us a task?

Send copies of any relevant client documentation to John by email – E.G. Income & Expenditure from the client, BR19s, Annual Pension Statements and any other relevant details.

Please include in the email what the plan/strategy is.

LOA Chasing Support

Arrange a call with our Head Of Chasing

Jonathan Maskell will be in touch via email to arrange a Zoom or Teams call, to discuss the agreed service and confirm your point of contact.

Ready to send us a task?

Please email your point of contact with a copy of the LOA or details of the additional information you need. A template LOA can found by clicking here.

Social Media Management

A member of the Plus Creative team will be in touch

As the Social Media Management service is bespoke the best way to get going is to arrange a call with our team. Click here to arrange a date and time that is convenient for you.

Frequently asked questions

What experience do you have working with SJP Partners and Advisers?

Our quality support services have now helped over 1500 St. James’s Place Partners and Advisers. If you would like to hear testimonials from some of our satisfied customers, click here.

How does your charging structure work?

This depends on the service and what best suits your needs. For more information on charges for specific services, click here to view our fees.

Am I tied into a contract?

As we offer a range of services, this will really depend on your needs. Further details can be found in the FAQ section for each service.

What happens if there is an error or mistake?

Our Team, although thorough and conscientious, are only human and everyone, on occasion, makes mistakes. We do however have procedures in place, to try and minimise errors, deal with them quickly and effectively, should they occur, and ensure they do not happen again.

It is important to remember that whilst you outsource a task, you do not outsource the responsibility for that task, and it is important you have an appropriate checking process in place.

Do you only work with St. James’s Place Partners and Advisers?

Yes! Plus was specifically created to provide quality support services, exclusively to SJP Partners and Advisers. By focusing our services, we are able to ensure we are up to date and compliant with SJP policies and procedures and all of our staff are proficient in the use of SJP systems. We also work closely with Location Management Teams and Head Office and are a preferred Paraplanning supplier for SJP.

Are there minimum usage requirements for your services?

We don’t have any minimum usage requirements; our services can be utilised as little or often as you need.

How secure is my client data?

The security of your client data is very important to us. We also ensure our policies and procedures are in line with SJPs. You can view our Privacy Notice here.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? No problem. Fill out the form, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.