Introducing “Cashflow John” – The Cashflow Ninja

Sep 30, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Today we introduce the latest expert we have added to our fold, John Whitehead, who we affectionately call ‘Cashflow John’.

When first speaking to John, you are immediately struck by his passion and enthusiasm for all things Cashflow.  His engaging manner make the benefits of Cashflow Modelling shine through easily, and as he is adamant to demonstrate that it is for everyone, not just the wealthy.

The main benefit in his eyes is:

 The ability to articulate figures in another language

Many people do not respond well to being presented with reams of figures and calculations, whereas Cashflow Modelling presents the same information in a more engaging form, giving clients an insight into their potential futures in such a way that they can visualise it.

He is insistent that while it can be an effective tool to demonstrate how clients’ aspirations and dreams can be achieved, it has also proven to be extremely useful when clients suffer a dramatic change in circumstances, such as divorce.

In this case, a substantial re-evaluation of finances is needed and often the initial reaction would be negative, that the client is likely to be much worse off, and perhaps not be able to afford to buy a property, for example.

Using Cashflow Modelling, John was able to prove that this was not the case, that in fact the client could afford a property, and set himself up to begin a new life in more comfort than he expected.

It is this aspect of Cashflow Modelling that John seems to enjoy the most, the potential to show clients possibilities that they haven’t even considered due to affordability, such as owning a luxury car, or making a round the world trip, but also the more down to earth hope of owning their own home when perhaps they have been dealt a blow in life.

John believes Cashflow Modelling should become an essential part of clients’ annual reviews, with its capacity to be adjusted continuously, and capability to take into consideration ever changing figures such as taxes and Lifetime Allowances.

You cannot fail to be impressed by John’s exuberance when speaking about his specialist subject, and the way he believes Cashflow is for all – young and old, from all walks of life.

For more information on Cashflow Modelling and our other services, please visit our website.

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