Cashflow Modelling is just for the wealthy……isn’t it?!

Nov 11, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Many people are under the impression that Cashflow Modelling is a luxury reserved for the wealthy, to plan their extravagant retirements, or an opulent purchase.
However our cashflow expert, John Whitehead, is eager to spread the word that this is not the case!

John acknowledges that it is designed to open up possibilities to clients that they may not have imagined they could afford, however it can be used in situations where the future looks bleak.

He reminded us of an example where Cashflow came to the rescue of a good friend of his, who recently went through a difficult and unexpected divorce.

Debts and assets needed to be paid off and divided, and the stress this caused prevented John’s friend from seeing any solutions to the problems he faced. 

This is where John’s Cashflow Modelling proved itself to be the hero of the hour.

John was able to create two achievable scenarios, based on the in-depth information disclosed by his friend, and demonstrated that he could either rent for the next couple of years, or buy a home.

From a place of panic, John’s friend was now in a position where he had choices, and where his burden was eased, now that he could clearly see a bright future for himself.

He has since bought a new house and car, cleared most of his debts, had a promotion at work, and now needs John to rebuild his Cashflow to take into account the new, positive changes in his life.

In his own words to John, he said:

“What you did for me really helped me to get my head out of the ground, and showed me that I still had options”.

This goes to prove John’s ethos that Cashflow Modelling is for everyone, no matter their financial status and situation.

If you would like to explore the options for your clients, and find out more about our Cashflow Modelling Service click here or alternatively book a meeting, or contact us for a chat.

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