• 13 Feb, 2024
  • Read Time: 3 minutes

Buckle & Partners Beat the Clock with Outsourced LOA Chasing

Tick tock, the clock’s always ticking in the fast-paced world of financial advice.

Yet Buckle & Partners found a way to reclaim time, whilst also delivering a better service for clients.

Mike Dyke, Senior Paraplanner, illuminates the Practice’s journey from struggling with LOA Chasing in-house, to enjoying a streamlined and efficient process courtesy of Plus Group.

The Project

Back in February 2021, Buckle & Partners’ Business Development Manager suggested recruiting the services of Plus Group to outsource some of their tasks.

Two months and a Zoom call with one of our Directors later, they joined our happy client network, leaving behind their in-house LOA Chasing headaches.

The Challenges

Before we stepped in, the Buckle & Partners team found themselves tangled in the time-consuming web of LOA Chasing.

Everything was done in-house.

Between long hours on hold with providers, tracking down correct departments, obtaining the correct information, wrestling for missing details, and figuring out whether a hard copy, digital scan or DocuSign was needed, their productivity was often held hostage.

And the ever-changing number of client policies?

That was the cherry on top of their chaos sundae.

What Buckle & Partners needed was a way to free themselves of this cumbersome time burden as it was detracting their focus from elsewhere.

The Results

Plus Group swooped in to save the day.

With our LOA Chasing service, the scene shifted dramatically.

Time saved each week?

Countless hours.

The newfound freedom?


The team could now focus on what they do best:

Creating superb financial plans and nurturing client relationships.

But that’s not all.

The ghost of outstanding LOAs?


With our streamlined process, operational efficiency hit an all-time high.

A logistical nightmare turned into a dream!

Instead of staff spending several hours a week on hold with providers, the team now simply awaits regular updates from their dedicated Chaser at Plus Group.

With a sole point of contact and frequent communication throughout the week,

So, how do the Buckle & Partners crew like to use their newly acquired free time?

Mike says his team “can now focus on we are good at, which is providing a great experience for clients and producing high quality Financial Plans and solutions, knowing that we now have a robust system in place to deal with our LOAs now.”

And there’s more…

Oftentimes, Buckle & Partners found that LOAs remained incomplete when it came to getting the information, because they simply did not have the time to chase them all through.

But now, this isn’t an issue anymore.

Additionally, the flexible nature of our LOA Chasing service suited the changing needs of the business.

When we take a client on, we don’t know how many policies or plans they will have until we do the fact find” explains Mike.

With no fixed contracts, retainers, or minimum spend, the pay-as-you-go style of Plus Group’s LOA Chasing meant that Buckle & Partners could simply send over their cases as and when they arose.


Our dedicated LOA Chaser at Plus Group saves us a lot of time and dealing with all the different companies. She has a great knowledge of where to send LOAs and does not stop until we get all the information we need.”

Mike Dyke, Senior Paraplanner

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