5 Ways Financial Advisers Generate Business Leads Using LinkedIn

Jul 23, 2020 | Blog | 0 comments

Users of LinkedIn are there to find valuable content, which is why it is so important you use the platform to its potential.  By doing so, you can form more professional relationships which can eventually lead to an increase in business.

Why LinkedIn?

Making the most out of the platform

1. Connect and engage with existing clients

Connecting with your existing clients (with their permission) on LinkedIn is the easiest way you can start generating leads. Not only does this build your professional relationship with your clients, LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to see who your clients are connected to.

This provides you with the chance to proactively ask your clients for referrals to specific individuals.

2. Share topical information to drive traffic to your website

Position yourself as an expert amongst your existing and potential prospects by sharing relevant and topical information on your business and private pages. Ideally, this content should drive people to your website.

Although this conversion usually doesn’t happen instantly, sharing valuable content to your connections is a way for individuals to trust your expertise and therefore your services.

3. Use the advanced search

The advanced search feature on LinkedIn allows you to research specific segmented individuals. For example, you want to research potential clients, and may be looking for Business Owners, Company Directors, Solicitors etc; you should also consider searching for the job title these individuals will give themselves i.e. Managing Director / Business Owner.

You may also want to find clients in a specific area or who are connected to an existing client. Advanced search will give you the names of these people and your mutual connection – the person who can refer you to them.

4. Customise your connection requests

It’s easy to go through a list of individuals on LinkedIn and click the connect button. However, if you want to form professional, meaningful relationships with these connections, send a customised note along with the connection request.

5. Engage with potential clients

Engaging with potential clients can be done through responding to comments on the topical content you have shared. To be consistently generating new leads, be sure to also engage with the people you meet at professional networking events and those you have had client meetings with.

Do this before and at the end of a meeting/event or in the follow-up to a meeting.

Bonus tip:

Market for mobile users

57% of LinkedIn traffic comes from mobile devices. Making your business’ online presence as user friendly as possible is vital if you want to see leads through your LinkedIn efforts.

Although this is not a direct way to generate leads through LinkedIn, ensuring your website and other linked sites are mobile friendly will provide a much better experience for your audience.

It may take a bit of practice and effort to stay consistent with utilising LinkedIn to generate leads, however, when combined, these 5 techniques will have you generating valuable leads in no time.

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