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Case Study: Using Plus to Shake off the Shackles of Admin

January 18, 2021

Jane Wright

Case Study
When Mary MacFarlane, Associate Partner at SJP, went into business as a single Partner Practice in January 2020, she soon found herself working long days juggling the many tasks involved with running her own business, including finding new clients, servicing existing ones and the mountainous admin required daily.


Unable to take anyone on due to lockdown, and the costs involved, she realised the way she was working wasn’t sustainable.

I was drowning in admin and couldn’t grow my business, Mary said.

It was only when looking for a solution to her problem, she remembered Plus Group from previous correspondence and notifications she had received & bookmarked, should the details ever come in handy.


Sure enough, they did, and following some positive conversations with other Partners who have used Plus, in and around the Aberdeen location where she is based, she decided to test the water with the Chasing service we offer.


The benefits to Mary’s business soon became clear, as the huge timesaving impact of outsourcing the chasing of information began to show itself, and allow Mary to:

Do the things I should be doing, focusing on finding new clients, taking part in virtual business development opportunities and look to grow and achieve my goals.

Mary’s relationship has since grown with Plus, and she now uses our Admin Support service, alongside the LOA Chasing, and has noticed that tasks are completed much quicker.  Specifically, she is impressed with the momentum kept up by the Chasing Team to obtain information, and cites the Weekly Update provided by our Head of Chasing, Jonathan Maskell, as particularly useful.


Mary describes the working relationship with Jon, Rachael Hackett, and Sam Flaherty who work on the Chasing and Admin Support teams, as positive in all aspects to her and her business, saying:

It doesn’t feel like I am working with remote strangers, Jon, Rachael and Sam quickly felt like they were part of my team.

This is something we strive for at Plus, we aim to be viewed by you as part of your team, and Mary feels that she knows Jon, Rachael & Sam personally, as though they were working together in a ‘normal’ office environment.  We hope to continue to support Mary and develop this relationship for many years to come.


We understand that entrusting tasks so important to your business to a remote based team of staff, does involve a leap of faith, but we hope Mary’s story inspires confidence that our team have the knowledge and ability to offer an outstanding service, saving you time and allowing you to develop and grow your business into whatever you want it to be.


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