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Are you an SJP experienced Administrator looking for a new opportunity?

We have an exciting opportunity within our Administration Team for an employed or self-employed home based Administrator.

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About Plus Group

Comprehensive Administration Support exclusively for SJP Practices

Our Plus Group Administrators have helped hundreds of SJP
Practices throughout the UK, with their Administration needs.
They’re extensive knowledge of SJP systems and processes
along with their flexibility and ability to assist with a wide range
of administration tasks, makes them the go to team for many
SJP Partners and Advisers.

If you’re an experienced SJP Administrator looking for a new
opportunity, we’d love to hear from you.

About Plus Group

Why you should consider working with Plus Group

Work Remotely

Our team are virtual Administrators, so you can work from the comfort of your own home.

Support and Training

We offer full support and training and are happy to support further development.

Work Flexibly

We are happy to support flexible working.

The Team

We have a great team and although we work remotely, we never feel like we are working alone.

Want to join our remote administration team?

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Why choose Plus Group

Work Remotely

Possibly the number one reason Administrators choose to join Plus Group – home working!

Our team work from home, or wherever they choose to work from. We don’t believe we all need to be in the same office, to effectively do our jobs.

We trust our team to work from wherever they choose, as long as you have a quiet work space and all the equipment you need, which we will help you get set up with.

We’re experts in working virtually with our team and with our Partners. So if you’re thinking you’d love to work from home and avoid that dreaded commute, we can offer you all the support you need to make it happen!

Why choose Plus Group

Flexible working

We all have families, commitments, things that come up, we’re humans, not robots.

We pride ourselves on being a flexible company, we expect our team to work hard and provide a first class level of service to our Partners, but we also understand the importance of the work life balance and flexible working.

If you need a little more flexibility than you can get from the 9-5 office job, Plus Group could be a great fit for you.

Why choose Plus Group

A Supportive Team

It’s likely you’ve been working in a team where there are only one or two Administrators, maybe you were the only one. The benefit of working with Plus Group is that you can work with a team of like minded people.

All SJP Administrators, with experience working with a range of Partners and Advisers. You’ll have a friendly, supportive team who can help you if you’re ever stuck or need some guidance, or just need someone to listen to you have a moan!

They are a great support network and even working remotely, you will never feel like you are working alone.

We also have a friendly and approachable Management Team, from your line manager to the directors, the team will always have time for you.

Why choose Plus Group

Training and Support

Our knowledgeable team will be on hand to get you set up and learn the ropes and there will always be someone just a quick Teams call away, to help you if there is ever something you are unsure of. Between them, we doubt there’s an Admin task they haven’t tackled!

We’re also forward thinking and like to encourage our team to be the best they can be. We will always support further learning or development to help you improve in your role.

Why choose Plus Group

What does a typical day as a Plus Group Administrator look like?

If you like the sound of a home-based SJP Admin role, with a friendly supportive team, this could be the role for you!

As a Plus Group Administrator, your work can be varied, but could include tasks such as:

  • Client contact such as booking in review calls or meetings
  • Diary management
  • Sending letters and communications on behalf of Partners
  • Sending Letters of Authority and gathering information
  • Producing comparisons and illustrations
  • All aspects of business processing
  • Fund switches and withdrawals other general support tasks
  • Stationery, literature and gift orders
  • Meeting preparation

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Why our Team love it at Plus Group

Amy Ashton, Financial Administrator

I enjoy working at Plus Group because of the flexibility of the role, variety, and great team!

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

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