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News: Provider Update – 24th July 2020

July 24, 2020

Sue McFarlane


3rd Party Provider Updates

From Plus Group


Each week, our team of “Chasers” are in regular contact with 3rd Party Providers, obtaining estimated turnaround times, current status and updated contact details.

The information you see below has been gathered over the past week and was correct at time of publishing and is for informational purposes only.

If you would like to receive our weekly email version, please let us know by clicking here.


Scottish Friendly

At this moment in time, they are unable to run projections.

It is an ongoing issue and is not related to the current working situation.


Lifesight (WTW)

Current timescales are approximately 5-10 working days.


Standard Life

Standard Life are currently completing requests within their 10-working day SLA.

Please be advised that TM plans require the information to be posted, thus adding a further 5 working days to the task.

Call wait times are generally 10-15 mins



Aviva are currently quoting timescales of approximately 7-11 days, for requests specific to TK policies.



JLT are no longer a company on their own and have merged with Mercer.

We can continue to use the JLT contact details we have, as the JLT teams are still working within Mercer, but due to the huge change within the company they are unsure how long it will take for requests to be completed at this time.


Invesco Perpetual

They have now returned to their normal turnaround time to process and respond to requests, which is 10 working days.

However, for requests such as transaction history pre-dating 2011, the requests can take up to 5 working days more


One Family

Turnaround times are sitting at 10 working days.

However, they cannot send information via email and therefore it may take longer than the quoted 10 working days for information to reach us.


Triple Point

Triple Point are mandated to respond within 48 hours to requests via email, though typically you will see most responses fall within 24 hours.



Timescales are still approximately 12 working days, but call wait times have extended somewhat

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