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News: Provider Round Up 2020

January 14, 2021

Jane Wright

Industry Insight


Jonathan Maskell, our Head of Chasing, shares his thoughts on the last unpredictable, rollercoaster of a year!

Zoom, Teams, Working from home, Isolation, Furlough, Face-Coverings, Lockdown, Pandemic, Unprecedented….. just a handful of words that fittingly describe the most surreal of years that 2020 was. 

Back in January, we had our Annual Company Meeting, where we laid out our goals and objectives for the year ahead. Who could’ve envisaged that a mere matter of months later, the make-up of our working days would have changed so dramatically?


In the first few months of lockdown, with companies being encouraged to work from home, where possible, it took several weeks for providers to set all of their staff up remotely. This led to severe call wait times, and even several providers closing their phone lines, as they simply didn’t have any staff to answer the calls.


Through the understandable frustration that followed, as we couldn’t obtain updates that we needed, we tried to remember the uniqueness of the times, and believed that everyone was doing their best, given the events we were going through. 


By the Summer months, we were becoming familiar with a new way of working.  Providers were finding ways to try and return back to their standard working timescales, and having everyone working from home now felt ‘normal’. Some providers had welcomed staff back into their offices, but the majority were continuing to work from home.


As we approached the Winter months, timescales had returned to normal for the majority of providers, as many companies welcomed back the staff that had been Furloughed back in March.


12 months ago, who would’ve thought we would be living how we are now. As a company, we have always had home-based Paraplanners, but we are now a 100% remotely-working workforce, spread all across the UK.


As much as we miss working with our colleagues on a daily basis, we make sure that we continue to have our Monday morning meetings via Zoom, and we are always chatting away in our group chats, covering a range of topics just like we would over a brew in the office kitchen!


2020 was the year many of us will never forget. 


Let’s make 2021 one that we will always remember, for all the right reasons!

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