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Provider Monthly Review – March 2021

May 30, 2021

PLUS Group


With the theme of last month’s update being focused on lengthy call wait times, me and my team put our heads together to try and find a way to mitigate the amount of time we were spending on hold to providers.


We tried to find an approach that would result in these times having as little impact as possible to the day-to-day running of our Chasing team.


The frustration of lengthy wait times


Having experienced the frustration of extended call wait times for a sustained period, we began to think of ways we could combat this.


We began by pooling the providers together, to make sure that we do not have to call each provider more times than we really needed to.


There’s nothing worse than waiting on hold to discuss a TK policy with Aviva for 30 minutes, only to end the call and realise you have another TK plan that you need to chase for!


By planning your calls at the start of the day, it really can help save you hours of time later in the day!
 Another tactic


The second approach me and my team took to try and minimise the pain of call wait times sounds like an obvious one, but I cannot recommend it enough…….


Call the providers as soon as they open!


In my opinion, this approach has been, and continues to be, the best way to currently contact providers. Having spoken with many of the providers, we became aware that some of them were altering their opening times, as they themselves were trying to find ways of how to best deal with their increased call volumes.



Providers opening earlier to cope with demand


Several providers are now open from 8am. These include Hargreaves Lansdown, Aviva plans that begin with TK and Scottish Widows. There are also several providers that open at 8:30am, namely Reassure and Phoenix Life.


To put the call wait times into context, if you call Hargreaves Lansdown as soon as they open, and then go on to call Aviva, Scottish Widows, Reassure and Phoenix Life, I would be surprised if any of the calls lasted longer than 10-15 minutes. Compare this with calling those same providers later in the day when it could potentially take 40+ minutes to get through to each provider.


I cannot promise that the way me and my team approach providers will also work for you, but I can tell you this;


Since we have started calling providers at 8am, we have experienced considerably less call waiting times to all those providers listed above.
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