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News: Meet The Team – Rachael Hackett

October 12, 2020

Jane Wright

Meet The Team

Next up in our Meet the Team series, we chat to another one of our Administrators, Rachael Hackett to get to know her a little better.


What did you do prior to joining Plus Group?


Glasto article picI had a variety of jobs before joining Plus in 2018.  I have worked in the restaurant business at Barton Rouge in Heswall, and on the ice cream vans for a family run business, for a number of years.


This job took me all over the country, working at some fantastic festivals such as Glastonbury and Creamfields.  I still help out at the weekend every now and again which I enjoy, especially in the Summer months!!

What do you enjoy about working at Plus?


I have worked at Plus for 2 years now, so feel confident in my role, and feel as though I never struggle to come up with a solution to any problems I face.  One of the things I do like about working here, is that if I don’t know an answer to a question, there is always someone who has been in a similar situation who can help.


I am also in a position where I have been asked to cover on the Administration team, as well as my current role on the Chasing team.  I have enjoyed taking on the extra responsibility as it gives me a change of scenery, and has expanded my experience & knowledge.


What are your hobbies outside of work?


I am a fond foodie and enjoy eating out a lot, my favourite food being Italian.  I love going to Prezzo, particularly the New Brighton location which looks out over the river.


Daisy article picI also enjoy going for walks with my new puppy, Daisy, and going to the cinema.


I always like to have something planned, and for my upcoming 21st Birthday, I am looking forward to a night away at The Mere Hotel in Knutsford.


What film or TV series that you have seen recently would you recommend and why?


Recently I have watched a number of really good films on Netflix and Amazon Prime – all very different, but I would recommend them all!!


The first was Room, a harrowing film about a girl who is held captive in a single room for a number of years, and who had a child with her captor.  The story is about her & her little boy’s escape, but I found it intriguing and different from other films as it showed the consequences of them escaping and how they adapted to life in the outside world.


Abbey Road article picSecondly I saw Yesterday, which imagines a world without The Beatles.  At the opposite end of the scale from Room, this is a real feelgood film!!  I did learn that without The Beatles, and their influence, that Oasis would not have existed, or perhaps not produced some of the songs that we know & love anyway!!


Finally I really liked The Gentlemen, with Matthew McConaghey.  An action comedy film, about characters in the drug underworld in London.  It has lots of plots and schemes, and twists and turns, making it fast paced and enjoyable.

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