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News: Meet the Team – Paige Roach

December 08, 2020

Jane Wright

Meet The Team

This week, we meet one of our newer members of staff, Paige Roach, who came through the Apprentice scheme.

Paige works on the Chasing Team, and recently started back in work after some months away on furlough.


How did you spend your time on furlough?


I tried to make the most of my time on furlough, spending time that I wouldn’t normally have with my friends and family, in particular my baby sister, Harper, who turned 1 in July,  She is growing so fast, and is walking and talking now.  We’ve spent that much time together, she comes toddling into my room to find me, if I’m not with her!

My Auntie also started a business in lockdown, Farfalla, selling butterfly themed jewellery & hoodies, so I have been helping her with the social media side of things.

I must admit I was starting to get bored after so many months on furlough, and couldn’t wait to get back to work.  I felt as though every day was a Sunday!!


What’s something – big or small- that you’re really good at?


My cousins are both hairdressers, one at Zest Hair & Beauty in Liverpool, and one based in Marbella.  Growing up I watched, and learned from them, and am now good with hair myself – especially a curly blow!!


If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?


It would be Chinese – Chicken Chow Mein being my favourite!! I’ve loved it since I was a baby, and if ever we get Chinese as a family, everyone knows what I’ll be ordering!!


What’s your favourite TV show, that you could watch over again on repeat?


Emily in paris article imageI absolutely love Gossip Girl, which is currently being shown on Netflix.  I remember watching some episodes when I was younger, but have watched every episode now.  I love the fashion and the characters, and could watch it over and over again.

My new favourite is Emily in Paris, also being shown on Netflix.  I love Emily’s dresses and her whole persona.  I think as I’ve always been interested in fashion, I really like programmes that showcase it.

I love the locations of both shows too, Gossip Girl is based in New York, and Emily is in Paris, as the title suggests!! I’d love to go to both places!!

Which season is your favourite?


My favourite season is Autumn, I like that the temperature is not freezing cold yet, but not too warm.  I love finding conkers, the changing colours of the leaves, and walking through them when they fall off the trees.

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