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How to Create the Perfect Work/Life Balance

Clare Redman

Do you feel you need to create a sense of equilibrium between your work and home life?

Are you constantly working late and missing out on family life or leisure activities?

Here are some ideas to balance the demands of day-to-day life, so you get the best of both worlds.

What’s important?

Picture this:

You’re sitting at your desk sending one more email or trying to finish that urgent report.

What’s happening at home?

Are your family waiting for you to get home for dinner?

Are your kids missing out on you taking them to sports events or just spending quality time with them?

Consider the important things in your life and whether your work is affecting them.

You may also be damaging your health by working long hours, so it could be time to slow down.

Get organised

Many of us suffer from an ‘achieving nothing’ syndrome because we’re not organised.

How long do you spend being productive each day?

Now think about how long you spend looking out the window.

Take control of your work life by getting into the automatic habit of filing and maintaining a tidy desk.

Allocate time at the beginning and end of each day to plan what you need to do.

Make a to-do list.

Ticking off tasks you’ve achieved is satisfying and can help you feel on top of things.

The boost you get will further motivate you for tomorrow’s activities!

If you’re a people pleaser, it’s time to stop and think of yourself.

Can that client who wants your immediate attention wait?

Could you prepare your financial report at a time to suit you – not when your boss demands it?

It can feel awkward to stand your ground.

Here’s how you can feel confident:

Saying ‘no’ is about being polite and giving a justified reason, without going into too much detail.

This applies to your leisure time as much as your work life.

If you know you hate tennis and a friend asks you to join a club, be honest:

“I’m sorry, tennis is not my thing, but how about we try running?”

Do what you enjoy, not what you feel pressurised to do.

Be more productive

It may seem like you have to work long hours because there’s so much to do, but is this really the case?

Take the time to review how much you’re achieving each day and where you could make improvements.

Put tasks into blocks, allocate them a set time, and don’t get distracted.

We all have unproductive times during the day and times when we peak.

Learn when yours are and tackle the difficult jobs in your peak times.

If you work better in the morning, switch off your phone and get on with tasks that could take you twice as long in the afternoon.

Did you know it takes over 23 minutes to refocus after an interruption, according to a University of California study?

Don´t allow client calls to interrupt you:

Save them and set an hour aside to make calls and answer emails.

This will help you focus your attention and concentration on the task at hand.

What are the benefits of a good work/life balance?

Maintaining equilibrium in your work and home life can have clear benefits, including:

  • Better quality of life
  • Improved work output
  • Less stress and illness
  • Respect from your employer and colleagues
  • More time for family, friends, and hobbies

Take a look at your work/life balance and discover how you can feel more motivated in all areas of your life.

If you’re working from home and need some tips specifically about switching off from your remote job, click here to read our guide.

We’re huge advocates of having a healthy work/life balance, so if you’re not feeling supported at the moment, tap here to look at our vacancies.

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