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News: Admin Tips of the Week

October 27, 2020

Jane Wright



With our Admin Tips of the Week proving popular, and following a number of requests, we have and will compile all tips here as an ongoing resource.


1. Ever accidentally typed in block capitals? 

Quick fix to avoid re-typing, highlight it all, hold SHIFT and press F3


2. Ever accidentally closed Microsoft without saving your work? 

Don’t panic – type .asd into File Explorer in ‘My/This PC’, and you will find your work there!


3. Want to quickly insert a link into a Word document? 

Highlight the text, then click Ctrl & K – the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ box will appear as if by magic!


4. Need a quick way to select cells on an Excel spreadsheet? 

Click on the first cell you want to select, then hit Ctrl, Shift & End on all cells with data in them.  Ctrl, Shift & * will select all cells in the spreadsheet.


5. Seek and you will find! 

To find a word or phrase within a Word document, click Ctrl & F to open a search bar.  Ctrl & H allows you to replace text. 


6. Tired of having to manually repeat the same action or command in Excel?

Click into the new cell, press F4, and this will repeat the action or command quickly & easily.


7. Unsure how to share your screen in a Zoom meeting using Windows?

Click Alt to show Meeting Control Toolbar on screen.  Then Alt, Shift & S to start or stop screen sharing.  Alt & T allows you to pause or resume sharing your screen.


8. Need to search for a word or phrase on the Web quickly?

Highlight it in Word & right-click.  You’ll see Smart Lookup in the menu, which acts as a quick shortcut to access anything from definitions, to web articles & images.


9. Want to create a bar chart based on selected data in Excel?

Click F11 to create the chart in a separate sheet,  Alt & F1 will create an embedded chart in the same sheet.


10. Want to bookmark a message from a chat in Teams?

Click on the three ellipse in the top left corner of the message & select Save this message.  When you need to find it, use the /saved command in the Search bar, to access all of your saved messages.


11. Want to move text in Word without copy & paste?

Highlight the text & press F2.  Then press the cursor where you want to move the text to, and press enter.


12. Want to insert a screenshot into your worksheet on Excel?

Go to Insert, select Screenshot and you’ll get a drop down menu displaying thumbnails of all open programs.  Pick one to insert the full-sized image, and re-size accordingly.


13. Need to auto-update the date & time in a Word document?

Under the Insert tab, click the Date & Time button & a pop-up window will appear.  Select the Date format you want, and click Update Automatically in the bottom right hand corner.  The date will update when the document is opened or printed.


14. Find it frustrating typing into a Spreadsheet?

Under the Home tab at the top of the screen, click the Wrap Text option.  The text will wrap right to the edge of the cell you’re working in.  Resize the row or column and the text will wrap to fit.


15.  Working from home & haven’t had chance to tidy up?  You can blur your background on Teams!

Before joining a meeting, turn the Blur toggle on to choose from a variety of backgrounds, including a blurred one.  To change your background effects, click on the three ellipse on the floating menu bar, and choose Show Background Effects option.


16. Did you know you can use an existing Word document to create a PowerPoint presentation? 

In Word, open the document you want to use.  Go to the File menu, point to Send To, then click Microsoft PowerPoint.  If you can’t see this option on the menu, you can add it manually to your Quick Access Toolbar from File > Options.


17. Want to know some handy shortcuts in Excel?

Select Ctrl & ; to insert today’s date, Ctrl, Shift & : to insert the current time, Ctrl & 5 applies a strikethrough to the text in the cell, Ctrl & 0 hides the current column, Ctrl & F6 switches between open workbooks, F2 starts editing the current selected cell.


All tips are provided by our experienced Administrators, who are happy to share their knowledge to make your life a bit easier!  For more information on our Administration Support service, please click here.



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