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Jonathan Maskell – Administration Team Manager

This month we asked Jonathan Maskell to describe a typical day for him as the Manager of the Administration Team.  Our Administration Team specialise in sending Letters of Authority and gathering provider information.

Jonathan says,

‘I always arrive in the office early, to prepare for the busy day ahead.

The first thing I do is speak to the team to check their workload, discuss any issues and identify if they need any help.

On opening my emails today, I immediately notice an urgent request, which is my first task.   After a telephone call to a provider to gather some final pieces of information, the case is ready for the Paraplanner to prepare the Suitability Report.

It’s now time to make a brew, and it always seems like the whole office says yes when I make drinks, so I take that as a compliment!  The main part of my day is spent managing emails and delegating new requests to the team.  I also regularly speak to colleagues regarding the progress of cases, even whilst making the drinks, and today is no exception.

An essential daily task is contacting providers after 2 days to check they have received new Letters of Authority and finding out what their current service standards are.  We also contact providers to follow up outstanding replies and request remaining pieces of information.

A considerable amount of time is spent on the telephone, so our system for daily case management is extremely organised.  Whilst on hold waiting to speak to a provider, I check our diary system to see if we have any other outstanding cases for the same company.  I don’t have any today, but it is a worthwhile exercise, some days I have been able to cover off 3 or 4 cases in the same call, which really saves time.

On completing my telephone call, my attention is now diverted to help one of the team with a response from a provider relating to a Pension Sharing Order.  I also share information with other team members, so they too can build up their knowledge.

In the distance I can hear the fax machine coming to life, it’s the information I have been waiting for, for what seems like a lifetime.  I email it to the Paraplanner, their immediate response is to call me a superhero, it just goes to show that not every superhero wears a cape!  The work that we do is crucial in supporting our Paraplanners and it’s great to know that our efforts are appreciated

After another busy day, my closing task is to prepare a daily update email which is circulated to all the Paraplanners, outlining our progress on specific cases.  Although this is the final task of the day, it is a fundamental part, so everyone knows where their cases are up to.

Finally, I send my last email and then I’m off home for a well-deserved rest and to recharge my batteries, ready to do it all again tomorrow.’